Information About The Antelope Specialist Group

What we do

The IUCN SSC Antelope Specialist Group is the leading authority on the status and conservation of the world’s antelopes. It provides scientific and practical advice and expertise on all aspects of the conservation, management, monitoring, and study of antelopes. Our members include practitioners (in situ and ex situ), planners, protected area managers, academic researchers, government agency representatives, and others.

ASG is one of 160 IUCN Species Survival Commission Specialist Groups, Red List Authorities and Task Forces.The SSC’s global network contains more than 10,500 volunteer experts who commit their time and expertise to conserving the world’s species.

ASG was established in 1978 by Dr Richard Estes, who served as Chair until 2004. The current Co-Chairs are Dr Phillippe Chardonnet and Dr David Mallon. Marwell Wildlife hosts the ASG Programme Office and supports a Programme Officer, Dr Tania Gilbert.

How we work

ASG currently has 94 volunteer members, working across 59+ countries. Members include field biologists, academics, wildlife managers, captive breeders, government officials, NGO staff, and others from diverse and inter-related fields. All ASG members are actively involved in antelope conservation, research or management. Membership is reviewed and reappointed every 4 years.

Our Mission

The mission of ASG is to promote the conservation of the world’s antelope diversity and to contribute to the mission of SSC.

Our Goal

The Goal of ASG is to ensure the long-term survival all antelope species by maintaining as many viable populations as possible of each species in as wide a range of habitats as practical and to restore antelope populations and communities where feasible.

Who we work with

ASG works with many partners worldwide, either directly or through individual members, including the SSC Chair’s Office and IUCN Secretariat, other SSC specialist groups, intergovernmental organizations, international and national NGOs, government wildlife agencies, ex-situ institutions, and research facilities.    


In addition to the partnership with Marwell Wildlife, ASG has a formal agreement with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland to collaborate on antelope genetics and planning issues. ASG is represented on the Antelope and Giraffe Taxon Advisory Group of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. 


Recent collaborations include those with the IUCN Office for Mediterranean Cooperation, the Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, the Government of Niger, and the World Organisation for Animal health.  

Current Chairs

Dr. David Mallon


Dr Philippe Chardonnet


Programme Officer

Dr Tania Gilbert

Marwell Wildlife


ASG is grateful to the SSC Chair’s Office and to an anonymous donor for supporting the website