Books and Field Guides

Books and Field Guides

These are just a few of the many books on antelopes. None of them are available to download, but they can be obtained from booksellers.

Mammals of Africa (2013). Edited by Jonathan Kingdon and Mike Hoffmann.

 The most comprehensive account of all the mammals of the continent. Volume 6 covers the antelopes, with detailed accounts by species experts, illustrations, and distribution maps.  

The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals, 2nd edition, 2015. Jonathan Kingdon.

A landmark field guide covering all species, with 780 illustrations and 520 maps.


The Behavior Guide to African Mammals. 1991. Richard Estes.

 Classic guide to animal behavior, rather than a conventional field guide.


The Antelope of Africa. 2015. Willem Frost.

A complete field guide to Africa’s antelopes, well-illustrated with photographs and maps. 

Field Guide to the Mammals of India. 2nd edition. Vivek Menon.

Modern field guide, well-illustrated with photographs and maps, and including six antelope species occurring in India and on the Tibetan plateau. 

Antelope Conservation: from Diagnosis to Action. Edited by Jakob-Bro Jorgenson and David Mallon.

The proceedings of an antelope symposium held at ZSL in 2011.

The Gnu’s World. Richard D. Estes, 2014.

The definitive account by the world’s greatest expert on the species.

The Dama Gazelles: last members of a critically endangered species.  Edited by Elizabeth Cary Mungall. 2018

A comprehensive and lavishly illustrated account of all aspects of one of the world’s most threatened antelopes.

A Certain Curve of Horn. 2002, John Frederick Walker.

The story of the giant sable of Angola.

Animal Reintroductions: The Arabian Oryx in Oman Mark Stanley Price

The development and implementation of  the successful and pioneering project to restore the Arabian Oryx to the wild on the Jiddat Al Harasis of Oman.