Conservation Success

Conservation Success

Highlighting and celebrating conservation success is important to demonstrate the ‘conservation works’, to incentivise conservation action, and to motivate donors to continue support for conservation programmes.  


Green Status

The IUCN Green Status of Species has been developed to complement the IUCN Red List through an emphasis on the recovery of species. It uses four practical indices aimed at demonstrating conservation successes and the degree of species’ recovery. It proposes a definition of a ‘fully recovered’ species, as one that is viable and that fulfils its ecological roles in the ecosystems throughout its native range  and also an objective way of measuring how important conservation is for a species; what conservation has achieved and can achieve in the future.  


The aim is to assess both the Red List and Green Status of each species. So far, saiga is the only antelope with a Green Status assessment, and extending coverage to all threatened antelopes is a key task for ASG.