Gnusletter is ASG’s primary publication, covering all aspects of antelope conservation. The first issue appeared in January 1982, edited by the founder Chair of ASG, Dr Richard D. Estes, who continued as editor until 2007. Steve Shurter then took over, producing every issue until 2020, with help from Stephanie Rutan and supported by White Oak Conservation, where Steve was CEO and Executive Director. A small ASG editorial team is currently responsible for production.

Gnusletter appears twice a year, in spring/summer and autumn/winter and includes a wide range of articles – original research, short reports, notes from the field, news items, summaries of published scientific articles, book reviews, opinion pieces, and news from IUCN and ASG. We welcome contributions on any of the above: please see the Instructions or consult a recent issue. Please submit material for publication to the ASG Programme Office or to one of the Co-Chairs (see Contact).
All past issues are available in the Archive (accessible through the link on the Home page)

2022, Edition 1 (39)

2021, Edition 1&2 (38)

2020, Edition 1 (37)

2020, Edition 2 (37)