Species Planning

Species Planning

ASG has been involved in species planning since the mid-1980s and the ASG leadership was represented on the IUCN SSC Conservation Planning Task Force and then the Species Conservation Planning Subcommittee between 2006 and 2016, which developed the IUCN species conservation planning guidelines in 2008 and 2017 [available here

The Conservation Planning Specialist Group’s Planning Principles and Steps (2021) are available [here  


Antelope Global Survey and Action Plans

The IUCN Antelope Global Survey and Regional Action Plan was initiated by the late Dr Rod East, then ASG Deputy Chair, who compiled the first three volumes covering sub-Saharan Africa between 1986 and 1990. The fourth volume, covering North Africa, the Middle East and Asia was published in 2001.

In collaboration with various stakeholders ASG has facilitated or led development of strategies and action plans for including: Przewalski’s Gazelle (Procapra przewalskii), Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx), Western Derby Eland (Tragelaphus derbianus derbianus), Addax (Addax nasomaculatus), Dama Gazelle (Nanger dama), Cuvier’s Gazelle (Gazella cuvieri), Slender-horned Gazelle (Gazella leptoceros), and Mongolian Saiga (Saiga tatarica mongolica). ASG has also advised, contributed to, or commented on plans for Saiga (Saiga tatarica), Peninsular Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana peninsularis) and the Kenya National Action Plan for Roan Antelope (Hippotragus equinus).

ASG developed the first conservation strategy for the Dama Gazelle in collaboration with RZSS in 2014, and an updated version in 2019 with Al Ain Zoo and RZSS. ASG and RZSS are coordinating the monitoring of this strategy implementation.

ASG is currently working with the Convention on Migratory Species on developing an Addax roadmap and on revising the Sahelo-Saharan Megafauna Action Plan which covers several antelopes. We have initiated work with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority on a National Strategy for the 30 species of antelopes that occur in the country.

IUCN Antelope Action Plans and others are available on the Resources page.